Friday, February 24, 2012


Hello to everyone. So happy to say, after many hours working on my blog, and help from all my DT's Girls, i finely fixed my blog. It is clean and safe. A HUGE thank you to everyone who help with my trouble. Last night, i received report "No Malware was detected on this blog". Woo-Hoo!!!! So happy. I was so afraid to loose my blog, so i made new one, just for in case. You can look at HERE.
So what was the problem with my blog??? I found 3 bad links on my side bar of favorite blogs. All 3 blogs was from Russia. As you see my blog looks pretty empty, i deleted lots. Just to make sure nothing is hiding.
And was one Crawl Errors. I made a post and i knew something went wrong after link. But i deleted that post long time ago, and just now got this warning.
Any how, it's all good and safe now. I'm very sorry!!!! Some of my followers left my blog, and i am totally understand why, and i hope you will come back.
Later on today, i will post two of my DT projects. One was supposed to be yesterday, but i didn't do it. Didn't wanted anyone to visit my blog.
Thank you girls.
Hugs Nataliya


  1. I felt really bad for you that is why I mailed you too. I have seen it happen when we link to blogs. In our crafting blog community it is so difficult not to link back too but blogger sometimes penalizes the whole circuit of blogs that link to a particular blog. So glad things got sorted out. Do take a back up of your blog too so that if things go wrong you have a saved copy.

  2. Hi Nat

    So glad you got it sorted hun. I had a warning a few months back and lost followers :(

    However, mine was simply caused by a link to a very well known challenge site that had an issue and once the links were removed everything was OK.

    So sorry that this happened to you. BTW your blog is loading heaps faster now for me and I'm not struggling to comment.

    Have a fab weekend.

    Claire xxx

  3. Glad to see your blog is in the clear. I got in trouble because of this too, since I had your bloglink on my blog. Cause google chrome is so sensitive of malware it gave me that message you had yesterday too. So I didn't get visitors on my blog either, at least not those who use google chrome. At least I knew my blog was clean, so it was frustrating to keep getting that message yesterday. I can certainly say you fixed my problem as well. Thanks for that and have a nice day.

    Bettina xx

  4. Welcome back my friend. I am glad things worked out for you. I wish I could have given you a big hug in person as I know how upsetting it was for you. Take care, Kym xxx

  5. Aww Nat so very sorry you had this trouble
    I sometimes dont look for days sometimes weeks but always stop by to see how your doing and look at you lovely work back up ur blog hun then you wont get so worried blogging would not be the same without ya
    Cheers and you take care
    Hugs Liz xxxxxxx

  6. :) woo hooo Welcome back ... I'm so relieved for you! I'm off to check out your other blog ........

    Big Big Hugs

  7. Thank you for posting about this...i had same problem since yday and i was struggling how to solve it. i got your blog thru search...and thank you for the info how you solved it. I was playing with the my favorite blog and inspiring blog list yday...and was trying to put it in my classic view...after working with that i started to get the malware detected message...after reading your post i deleted those list and it looks fine now...hope it will be fine now on...thank you for the post..


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