Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is so not good.

Hello good people. Can any one tell me how to be happy at 40th Birthday? As you can see on my side bar Birthday cake, only 7 days left. It`s depressing. For me it`s old, and i hate this number.
I didn't make any cards, i just can't put my mind together. When i was in my 20, i was thinking people in age 30 is old. My husband saying to me: "You are not old, you are beautiful". Blablablabla. I know how i feel. I should post my photo.


  1. 40 is GREAT!!! Life begins at 40!!! Really - I have enjoyed my 40's WAY MORE than I did my 30's. WAY MORE.

    Enjoy life!

  2. You do not look look fabulous!!!!!

  3. OMG Nataliya,I know how you feel,I am not so happy at getting older either.I cried when I turned 30 and I know I will cry at 40,the only thing we can do is try to enjoy it and not spend our life worrying.
    Hugs xx

  4. Nataliya!! don't be sad girl!! 40 is an wonderful number!! you should come and see the lo I did for my 42 birthday!! the name is BIOLOGICAL CLOCK come and take a look, and please read the journaling, maybe after that you change your mind !!
    Have a great and special birthday!!

  5. ROFL!!...try being 47 like me....40 sounds to sound awfully nice! :)

    ~Gabrielle xx


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