Friday, April 10, 2015

Ukrainian Borsch

Hello everyone!
No craft projects for today, but i have YUMMY one lol.
let's make some Ukrainian Red Borsch. Here is my way, and i like to do everything in Photos, so you actually can see the proses on HOW TO...
First, i like to precook my Bets, so i can chop them easy  . (You can cook them night before)
In my mane Pot i add water, just to cover my Ribs. This is what give you very good flavor.

When Ribs starting to boil, it's good to take out all that white build up.

wile ribs still boiling, i starting to get all my ingredients; potato, cabbage, carrots, onions.

when Ribs half way done, add diced Potatos.

Then i fry onions and carrots on vegetable oil.

Aha! It's time to get really messy! The Bets! I cut them in a long strips. Just the way my Mom did.

Then i fry my Bets together with Onions and Carrots.

After Potato half way done, add Cabbage to the pot.

Then all that goodness that you just fry.

It's looks something like this.  Then more Bets you add, then more Red your Botsch will be.
Now it's time to add more water to your pot.

lets add some spices; black  pepper, salt, parsley, chives or green onions, bay leaves.

Hmmm looks yummy already.

Cover you pot and lets simmer on very low heat.

If you like fresh garlic like i do, don't be shy to add now

Oh look at that colors! I like mine with Sour Cream, so i add table spoon of it.
I told you i like photos, and if you still here, you must be very hungry by now lol.
You can comment if you have any questions.


  1. Thanks for posting this. What kind of meat is that? You say "ribs", but it looks like bacon. Did you get a rack of ribs and remove the bones and then cut it up?

    1. Hi Marilyn. No it's a rack of short pork ribs. I cut them, that each one has a bone in it. Looks like photo not showing well, sorry.

  2. Oh that looks so good, Never tried to make Borsch before, thanks for sharing, Love Hazel xxx


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