Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Do you believe in Luck or God???

How lucky are you? Do you believe in God? Maybe you not even religion person, but on the back of your mind, you still believe in something bigger , but you don't know how to explain.
I like to share with you with true story , and you can tell me if this is LUCK, or protection from GOD.

Spring is here, and we all ready to go outside, and clean our yard, plant some flower, play with Kids. Lot's fun outside. So my Husband went to cut grass with Lawnmower. That was first time this season. He did beautiful job on the back yard, and almost finish to do the front yard. All of the sadden.... blade from lawnmower snapped, and fly strait on his boot. Now just think about how strong that hit was, it's sliced open work boot with the metal protection , the one construction People would wear.

What do you think, is it Luck he didn't loose his foot, because of that Boot???? Maybe. How about i will tell you all this Years he cut Grass only with the sleepers. Why this time he decided to wear  Work Boots??? Did God try to protect him??? We all was shock, and thankful.

So here is what i want to say. Even if you don't believe in God, he still around and watching after us. Maybe that was Guardian Angel , who know. But i do believe we are protected, and we should look up and say THANK YOU.
Very often we asking for help, when we are despaired, and asking God for a Health, or any help. But do we thank Him, when we all happy, when everything is good? Most of us don't think about it.

So today i like to thank God for His protection, for my beautiful Family, for my Friends, for the food we have. Thank You!!!

Also i like to send you to the article i found, wile i was Google. I think it's an amazing Story, even put tears to my Eyes. Here is the link to that post, Inspiring Excellence.

Luck or God? I believe in both.
When you go to Casino and hopping to be lucky and win lots money. And if you win, you jump up and down by saying Thanks God. I use to pray and hope to win big lottery, to be a millionaire, but i don't think God will support me my gambling fun. I always wanted to win big Money, so i can donate big chunk to the Sick Kids Hospital. If you have Kids, then you never want to see any Kid get sick. It's Heart braking.

By saying this, i am not going to hope for the lottery, i will work hard to make my Money.
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I would like to see your comments, if you like this article about Luck or God.
Hugs Nat

1 comment:

  1. God is real!! Nothing is a coincidence. The work boots was for your husband's protection. Praise the Lord!

    Giving God the glory in all things is what we need to be doing.

    satans time is coming to an end-he's scrambling to win people to his side.

    As Christ followers, we need to be even more active for God!!

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful testimony! I'm so happy for you & your husband!


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