Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hello my Friends

It's a Sunday, and i always have DT card for One Stitch At A Time challenge blog, but not today. I am taking time off till September from all my Team, to take care my Health and find my crafting spirit. As many of you know, i have some problems with my Shoulder, sins last December. In March i did MRI scan, and Doctor didn't find nothing wrong. Finally two days ago i got call for more test at McMaster Hospital on August 28th. It's being very hard and depressing for me to wait that long, and more worse thing i last 50% of movement on my left Arm. my Kids sad about, because i need to take a turn to hug them, that's is so bad. So last night i cuddle with my Baby Girl, and she start to cry when i couldn't hug her (she is very sensitive). So i tell her "Let's ask God to help me, do you want to try to Pray for Mommy?" She said "Yes". To be honest i'm not very religion person, but we make our own words to God about help for me, and Katharine said after me Pray.  I am crying  my eyes off right now Girls. You will not believe it, because i don't believe my self. I saw very weird Dream, and in my Dream i learn what i can use my arm. So first thing this Morning when i woke up, i try to lift my Arm, and i was shock when it's work much better. It's making cracking funny noises, but i can lift little more. So now you know what i'm thinking "Did God hear my Baby's  Pray"????? I think he did. She was Heart broken crying for me and asking help for Mommy. What can i say "Thank you God"!!!!!
Sorry my Friends for not visiting your blogs, i'm very down at this moment and didn't do any craft for a wile. I hope you will forgive me.
Thank you. Hugs Nataliya


  1. Oh Dear Nat hope you feel better real soon hun,I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers too! Hope those doctors get you sorted out and maybe give you some pain relief
    big hugs

  2. So sad to read your story, Nataliya...I hope everything turns our well...I will keep you in my thoughts and give you all my best wishes!
    xxx Margreet

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your pain, but I did shed some tears of joy after reading this...Perhaps you and your daughter can do this ever night, and every night in your dreams your arm will get stronger! Other things will help of course, but Love is certainly the BEST medicine! I will miss your crafting very, very much...but hope you have a good rest and that your creativity comes back. I totally understand! Best, CG

  4. Oh lil sis I wish I lived closer so I could give you a big hug! Don't worry about leaving comments on blogs the most important thing is to look after yourself and spend time with your beautiful children. They always say that God moves in mysterious ways.

    Saying my prayers for you hun and sending lots of crafty hugs.

    Linda xxxx

  5. Out of the mouths of babes :) Katharine knows hun, if God brought you to it, God will bring you through it and of course prayers from your baby girl are always welcomed take care of yourself girl, you know you are my shining star and I love you to pieces, broken or not, you my #1 :)


  6. I believe yes, God did hear yours and your daughters prayers.

  7. Wish you the best Nat! Hope the time off will do you well, and that you`ll get your crafting spirit back soon!!

    Hugs Eva

  8. Sending huge hugs and wishes for all the very best Nat--take care of you and look forward to having you back real soon
    Lots of love

  9. As you know Nat you have my email and anytime you need an ear ... i am never far away .... Hurry and get better hunny .. I will have lots of creations waiting for you to make when you get back...

    Big hugs
    Choccy xxx

  10. Awww Nat, I hope you are feeling better with your arm. How heart breaking to read about you sweet daughter. She loves you so much. Hopefully you can find an answer to this soon. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Bear Hugs,


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