Friday, April 27, 2012

Can you please help!!!!!

Hello my blogging Friends. I have a problem. It's being almost two weeks, when i made my last card. Good thing i made my DT card for this Month long time ago, so i can make my posts. So here is my problems. I lost my crafting mojo. Did you see anywhere??????? If you do, can you pleeeeeeeeeease return it to me ????? For the last two days i just looking videos on You Tube and doing absolutely nothing.  So.... if you see my Mojo somewhere on your blog, just send it back to me. Thank you soooo very much. I hope you all have very nice day.
Huge hugs Nat


  1. Oh dear Sis that isn't good! I haven't seen her though but if I do I will send her back to your by special delivery!

    What I usually do when this happens is have a sort out of your crafty bits and look through your stash to see if there is anything you haven't used in a while!

    I hope this helps.

    Big Sis xxxxx

  2. Hi sweetie, sometimes it's your body's way of saying take alittle'll feel refreshed and come back with avengence and we shall celebrate with your return :) hugs Dee

  3. Not been my way hun - sorry. I normally try just colouring up a few images in readiness of it's return or just try out new techniques.

    Hope it re-appears soon.

    Claire xxx

  4. OH Nat you're too funny--I'm sure it will re-appear very soon--I know I've gone weeks without mine before and it is seriously troubling but you're so talented you'll get it back
    soon I'm sure
    Big Hugs


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