Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tutorial How to make a Flower

Hello my Friends. I have a tutorial for you today. Some people asked me, how i made a flower. I saw many tutorials of the same flower, but don't know who is original artist. So i made my own Photo-tutorial, and i hope this will help for those, who don't know how to make a flower. You can use anything you like; Silk, ribbon, felt...
First, i cut 6 squares..
Stuck them, and cut with your scissors, so you can have round shapes (don't worry, if it's not prefect shape)
Fold one circle in half
And fold one more time
Now grab your needle, and this what you need to do
Do the same with all 6 circles
When you have all 6, pull the ands of your tread together, and your flower are ready
Just one more little thing, dress up your flower with some button, or gems, whatever you like
I hope you like my tutorial, and will try to make your own flowers. Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs Nataliya

1 comment:

  1. oh super tutorial hun funny was playing with some,material last night must get my finger out to make some,these are just beautiful,hun just so so effective,hugs cherylxxxx


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